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aztec west
which name should itv in the midlands have?

we have 'central news' but on-screen we have 'carlton'

if there was a high profile meeting of telly chiefs regarding the name and it was tied with only your vote to go...

what would you choose?

for me it's central. it's a better name and one that people can associate with.

we still have 'central news'.
imagine the uproar if it were to be renamed 'carlton news'.
For me it has to be Central as Carlton is an actual surname when Central obviously isnt!

GMTV Today
Stick with Central News but stick with Carlton for the name for the Region, they've brought us really good idents, since '99 and good local programming, and just look at Central News Now, all the regions.
To be quite honest, I would have gone for 'Not bothered' if it had been an option. The name of 'Channel 3' really isn't that major a factor in my or, I suspect, many peoples lives...