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The censoring of E4, 4Music and Channel 4 shows is getting r

TheBritishLeo Granada North West Today
I don't think there is any reason reason to butcher programs just because kids are watching or someone maybe offended by it.
J. Lyric
Watch the character limit on the title next time, all right? Wink
TheBritishLeo Granada North West Today
OK then.
thegeek Founding member London London
I don't think there is any reason reason to butcher programs just because kids are watching or someone maybe offended by it.

Why not have a browse of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and see if you can find a few good reasons for Channel 4 to edit programmes, particularly those shown before the watershed.
TVNewsviewer Central (West) Midlands Today
I don't think there is any reason reason to butcher programs just because kids are watching or someone maybe offended by it.

This assumes that the "butchered" version that is broadcast isn't also something that someone may be offended by, although, for me, it depends on the precise and exact way in which it is done. I am so glad that the gyms have been closed by the lockdown as this means I am no longer in these public places - however, even if they were open, I could not physically bring myself to be there given the historic problem that I have repeatedly had over ten years ago and the complex post-traumatic stress disorder that it has left me with. Broadcasts such as I assume these current ones, from the other broadcasters, to be are very thing that is hugely problematic. It seems they caused me to obsess about the matters of offence and the reasons why and that the technically blank spaces in the broadcasting cause me to think repeatedly and put the "offensive language" deeply and more heavily onto me and everyone knowing what it meant anyway was uncomfortable. It seems that it simply underlined the matter and that there was a problem with the broadcast that was being made that made me uncomfortable about it, whether individual parts at repeated intervals or taken overall, and the way in which the words came over in this hidden way but completely obvious made it even more uncomfortable for me. I am, as may be guessed by the way in which I am writing this, on the autism spectrum and therefore most certainly experience things very differently and, in places with strangers around me, in this way. At one stage it became, for an extended period of my life, the biggest problem in it and was worse than losing my mother (though it also got wrapped up in that and that didn't help). Numerous sessions of counselling failed to resolve it and eventually ended each set ended without success. Even if it weren't for the lockdown, I could not these days bring myself ever to be in a gym because of this problem, which also happened in other public places later on, including places that were reasonably essential in order to carry on normal life, until they became unavailable to everyone during the lockdown.

I also recall one visit to the hairdresser, many many years ago now and this shows just how long ago, where the television was on - this one was the only one by Channel 4 that I encountered - where a bleeped episode of Big Brother was throwing the swear words even more widely out at me and was making me very uncomfortable. I now realise - I wasn't diagnosed with Asperger's at the time - that no-one would realise or recognise my discomfort as I mustn't be giving body language, or not giving the 'correct' body language, and I also could not bring myself to talk about my discomfort as difficult at the best of times to pipe up to tell people in any event, so that I was just made either to wait for the hair cut or to sit in the chair, highly uncomfortable because of the broadcast being made (and a psychologist later told me that was an autism thing too as it seems to mean I notice everything around me including television that for other people may be somewhat in the background). I don't have sensory problems, which I suspect was why my autism went undiagnosed for so long, just a problem with this.

I suspect your title is saying that it is getting ridiculous - see what I mean? I only need the first letter and it is enough and often zero letters and a complete blank space don't come across that way but the full word is in my head, and very deeply thought about it and uncomfortable given who is around me in those environments, and although the 'uncensored' version can't be broadcast because of kids or someone would be offended by it, another version supposedly suitable for kids, which may have made it acceptable for kids, made it unacceptable for me and inappropriate especially when it is admitting as much and broadcasts such as these out in public repeatedly making me uncomfortable, real anxiety I eventually discovered (I have problems working out what my own emotions are) and lots of different, all negative, experiences - the versions that aren't bleeped but use a different method of censorship which isn't word replacement also uncomfortable around my family (excepting only when only my brother of similar age was around or if I was watching alone - I suspect I couldn't do that these days, as they contain a likely trigger whilst the uncensored versions are completely unproblematic for me as I've never encountered them to the point of being caused offence in any inappropriate places in public).
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