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New ads have started appearing on Channel 4 for the seventh and final series of Celebrity Big Brother:


And the new logo has been unveiled:


In this seventh and final series the celebrity housemates may think they know what’s coming but for them 2010 will begin with some of the most unpredictable and unforgettable weeks of their lives.

Executive Producer Shirley Jones has said: “This is no holiday camp for pampered personalities; Celebrity Big Brother won’t be leaving the limelight quietly”.


Seems weird that they're making the kind of effort that the show really needed before it was axed. The logo is horrible though.
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Too little too late, and gone back to the evil theme too.

It might be enough though to tempt me back - and Shirley Jones has a good record producing the show. Then again though, so did Sharron Powers before last year.
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That's an interesting idea to change the logo for the CBB version, previously they always adopted the one from the previous summer series with a star over the pupil of the eye.

However, I don't watch these 'ex-celebrity/wannabe-celebrity love-in' shows, so I won't be watching CBB, no matter how fab they manage to make the final series. Shocked

Isn't that just the logo from the first series with a terrible looking flame effect photoshopped around it?

No. This is the logo from the first series...


Every subsequent series has been an alteration to logo from the 2001 series (although I suspect they use something more sophisticated than PhotoShop):

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Shame they've only started to put effort in for the last series really... if they'd done this 2 years ago, they might've not sacrafised the series.

Saying that, should be interesting to see how differently they handle this finale year. The music on the teaser ad is very good... slight hint of theme tune in there.

EDIT: Official info release to take place on ukbb.net at midnight tonight.

EDIT 2: Looks like they've realised C4 got there first earlier today:

Nice bigger logo though...
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Are Channel 4 for real?! Once they've axed the show they put effort in ...

If they'd done this 2 years ago they wouldn't be in this mess and BB would still be quite strong.

But then again, perhaps Channel 4 originally restricted the changes, and now its axed perhaps they have let Endemol have free reign to showcase Big Brother to other broadcasters.
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Too little too late, and seems pointless putting the effort in now. Also continuing to use the C4 corporate font just doesn't go with this new eye at all.

As others have pointed out, we don't know if it's been C4 causing the changes... it is Endemol's last year to advertise the format to external broadcasters afterall.
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What you got to remember is the show is made by a company for channel 4 so they want it to end on high so they try and sell on. I think Big Brother died years ago. Be good to see if they went to town and went out with a bang.

p.s. not sure he company.