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Another show to avoid.


Yes, It's a tough one to avoid isn't it? You will have to turn over at 10pm after watching Celebrity Wedding Planner and then turn back at 00:00 to catch Super Casino.
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I was so glad that this show went to Channel 5, as it means I will never encounter it again... and the odds of it returning to Channel 4 are very remote.

Dicky Desmond is welcome to it.
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Granada North West Today

. . . the odds of it returning to Channel 4 are very remote.

I'd say the odds of Big Brother ever returning to Channel 4 are non-existant. I'll give it until the current contract between Endemol and Channel 5 expires, and I think it's unlikely it'll ever return on any mainstream TV channel.

There's more chance of The Big Breakfast returning to Channel 4 than Big Brother!
"The Not-So-Late-Show with Greg Mitchell" will hopefully return in some form somewhere soon ... but it seems, not on Roch Valley Radio.

Stay tuned . . .
Natalie from Strictly Come Dancing.
Michael from Art's Demise.
Andrew from Star Man
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