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What actually caused them to split up in the first place (I've always assumed it was something to do with the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident, as CBS was in charge of the game and MTV were in charge of the halftime show)

The split wasn't caused by the Superbowl incident, but was driven by the poor share price of the combined company. Shareholders felt that the "old media" (CBS) side was dragging down the "new media" (MTV Networks) side of the business. There was also an internal power struggle between the co-presidents, one of whom was from CBS and the other from MTV. The parent company (National Amusements) felt that splitting the business was the best solution, although they always remained sister companies with the same parent.

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C5 probably won't change much, but if they wanted to use the power of CBS to relaunch it I think closing it and replacing it with a CBS branded channel would be the way to go. Frankly there are probably only 4 brands on C5 worth keeping - Neighbours, Home and Away, Jeremy Vine and Milkshake. Beyond that it is a clean slate.

I think it's highly unlikely that ViacomCBS would interfere with the Channel 5 brand in the UK, in the same way that they have Network 10 in Australia.

The channels that seem at risk are the CBS branded ones in partnership with AMC Networks International such as CBS Reality, CBS Justice and CBS Drama, plus the Horror Channel. However, I think there's plenty of room in the UK market for these alongside the Channel 5 network.