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CBS Launches ETLIVE (Entertainment Tonight Live) OTT channel

This new service sits alongside CBSN and CBS Sports HQ OTT Channels (October 2018)

CBS announced today they will leverage the 40 year old global Entertainment Brand into a new 24/7 programming covering the latest developing entertainment stories, breaking news, celebrity interviews, features, and behind-the-scenes and red carpet coverage, as well as celebrity fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends.

CBS is really going full tilt into OTT streaming channels. If you have CBSN at the bottom are links to CBS SportsHQ and now quietly appearing is the ETLIVE channel. CBS has really found great success with CBSN so this seems like a natural fit. Not sure if its available globally.
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lhx1985 Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Interesting idea. It's very niche.

I notice that the CBSN player is changed now also - and is now essentially a linear news channel. Previously, the stories on the left would encourage you to choose your own running order, opting out of the 'live' feed.

CBS Sports HQ isn't available to UK audiences, where as CBSN is available on the web. CBS block it's News apps (and therefore CBSN) from Android, Android TV and iOS over here. It can be added by downloading apk from mirror sites though.
Do you see ETLIVE on the global version? I use a Roku and when you open CBSN, you see the live box on whats playing on CBSN after a CBS NEWS loading splash page. Then if you move down you see additional stories to play CBS SPORTS HQ (Similar to Sky Sports News HQ) and ETLIVE. Also additional link to other CBS NEWS franchises such as 60 MINUTES and CBS This Morning.

By the way Newscastudio is reporting that they are using a virtual set. It looks decent. Im personally not a fan of virtual sets. They also clarify the 40-year old flagship programme Entertainment Tonight, will not air on the channel. As this programme is sold to hundreds of affiliates across the North America and around the world. Smart move. Likely segments from the programme will be poached and elongated versions of the same stories will air on ETLIVE.

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I'm here to give you something to talk about! You're Welcome.
Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today

Do all ET hosts wear pyjamas on air?
mark Founding member London London
Just been taking a look, and I'm impressed.

The virtual set is pretty convincing - I doubt the average viewer would know it was virtual unless you told them. The only issue I spotted is that the grey bricks distort a bit when the camera pans.

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