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Sorry if this a little out of date, i havnt visited in a while...

Stolen fron digital spy:

CBM Media is persisting with plans to launch a channel on Freeview, according to this week's Broadcast magazine.

Earlier plans to launch a general news/sport/entertainment station were ditched after a deal with transmission company Crown Castle fell through.

Now its owners are developing a new channel devoted entirely to sport in the hope of filling a void on the platform. Whilst Sky Digital has some 17 sports channels on offer through its pay TV service, Freeview has just one.

The channel, which has the working title "Freesport", could launch as soon as next year if a carriage deal is reached.

The magazine reports that CBM has already reached agreement with 12 national sports bodies for coverage of less major sports such as rowing, swimming, badminton, canoeing, cycling and netball.

It's probably a good thing, with sport there's no something for everyone and still space for 2 more.

And those who think I'm winding you up:

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