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A bit like the CITV thread, but for CBBC (July 2004)

fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
Andrew posted:
Are the CBBC links on BBC2 on a Sunday morning recorded?

I'd presume that they were as there isn't much need for a presenter live, much like Saturdays links are, and they used to do with saturdays (sept-april) and sunday (april-sept) until 2000.

I'm sure at the end of todays TSS they said that next saturday they would be on air at 9am, with Andrew then saying it's back at the same time.

Is this due to the olympics or something?
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I wasn't completely sure because I notice that Adrian pops in to talk about the UK Top 40 show on a Sunday, so I thought maybe it was live, but now I realise he comes in on a Friday as well so that settles it.

Yes due to the Olympics, Breakfast is on BBC TWO until 9am, meaning The Saturday Show starts then, followed by Mysti at 10.30 and TOTP Saturday going head to head with CD:UK at 11.30am
A former member Anglia (East) Look East
I do believe that CBBC (on 2 at least) is recorded on a Sunday as CBBC Channel usually uses studio 9 on Sundays (this was to allow UK Top 40 to use studio 2, although this week's Top 40 appeared to be coming from a different set - no gantry etc.) Also the bulk of CBBC 2 on Sunday is taken up by Smile so the CBBC studio presentation would usually be too little to count.
On the subject of Smile, as with TSS it's changing due to Olympic coverage - it will be on both BBC2 and CBBC Chl live from 10 until 11. Not sure what format the show will take but safe to assume it won't include UGetMe...
On the subject of Smile, this autumn Tim Kash is leaving TOTP in the hands of Fearne and Reggie (according to last week's issue of Music Week) and Dick & Dom are returning. What do we all reckon this will mean for Smile?
- New presenters? New set? New anything?
- Smile replaced by a BBC2 simulcast of Sunday D&DIDB?
- Or a return to the previous format with Dick & Dom on CBBC Chl alone on Sunday?
What do you think?
Weather Man
When are Dick And Dom returning? I need my bi-weekly dose of maddness or ill go maaaad!
11th September. "The Dirty Norris Files" will be available on DVD in October...
russnet Founding member
A long way off but I wonder if they will be celebrating Children's BBC / The Broom Cupboard when it reaches it's 20th birthday next year? There was an on the roof tribute for their 10th birthday.

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