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Central (West) Midlands Today
A bit of a refresh with the titles that go straight into a menu and a few new features so far asking for letters (old school, but I like it) and a new game in musical toilets. I maybe a long way out of the demographic, but good Saturday morning entertainment is a good thing at any age.

Start of the Show:

The pre titles bit remind me of the start of TMi Series 2.
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fanoftv8,389 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
It is, the whole branding of the programme is very good. I’m liking the detail within the new menu how the captions animate with the ‘ooh, ooh, ooh’ in the backing music, very well thought out. Some of the graphics in the show - such as ‘competition time’ (could do with a catchy gimmick imo) are still flat and plain compared to the new ones introduced.
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Only just caught up with Saturday Mash-Up from this morning. It was very good, Jonny and Yasmin are far more confident with the show, the children in the studio also seemed to be excited to be there. The toilet game was fun as was Question Slime at the end which was better due it having a format rather than buckets of gunge being thrown for no reason while reading out a random list. Although just slightly different than last year, the theme tune is excellent and for course last but not least Hacker T Dog probably the most experienced children's television presenter for the past 10 years. Overall it was really very good indeed and the walk into the studio, seeing the studio crew was all small excellent things that makes a show like this. Was it ever confirmed that there would be more episodes this year? Did I hear someone say 20?
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Sounds like it could be 20 then, which is a good sign. Maybe next year it will be 30 weeks Very Happy
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Central (West) Midlands Today
It was like that before Christmas too, though showed different programmes to the channel and no mash up.

Mash up is going from Strength to strength imo. The longer run is much deserved, despite what I’m sure is a tiny budget to the BBC One Saturday morning shows of old it manages to produce a similar energy with popular features and plenty of interactivity for young viewers along with entertainment, innuendo and cheeky lines for parents and other older viewers. Plus there was the welcome return of dangermouse this morning too.
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