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Technically it wasn't a proper mash up, it was summer special, but I dare say CBBC want to drive up the mash up brand.
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I set it to record and it was like a usual episode of Mash-Up, minus the programmes. The microphone is an issue which needs to be fixed and the titles are very good.
EDIT: The music levels need to be fixed. You can barely hear the "singers".
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The programme has been regulated to the CBBC channel only, is it still only ten programme? I dont think it will be back next year at this rate.
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I knew that CBBC has a Saturday Morning strand on BBC Two, but never knew (and I don't know if this is regular) the announcers name-checking themselves e.g. Dean Lydiate this morning (Thanks TV Home!) Smile . Feels like the days of BBC1 showing children's programmes (early 80s) with the BBC Micro graphics.
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Quite surprised they're not simulcasting on BBC Two, especially considering they air CBBC shows before 9am. If it's a ratings issue, I don't see why they'd recommission it and give it a smaller reach.

There was a couple of weeks last year where they only aired it on CBBC due to other shows clashing with it. Or it might just be that everyone watched it on CBBC so they had no reason to simulcast it on BBC2 this year.
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I'm a new member. My passion is Saturday Morning TV. I think it's a massive mistake not putting Saturday Mash-up on BBC TWO. It's great that CBBC have a Saturday morning TV show, but to onlly show it on the CBBC Chanel seems a massive waste of opportunity. To me. Saturday Morning TV is for kids, but all the best Saturday morning programmes have had adults watching and enjoying them as well. I know it was broadcast on BBC TWO last year.