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Pre-CD:UK/SM:TV the actual show was only 2 hours too- then you had The Chart Show after at 11:30 which was separate from the preceding show. And obviously post-SM:TV too when CD:UK was separate from MoM. It was only really with SM:TV that the music show was considered part of the main Saturday show, being made in the same studio by the same production team (and even then, there was more of a distinction after Ant, Dec and Cat left).

I guess you had Tricky in the spring of 1997 that was made by the same people as The Chart Show- but there was no distinction or connection between the two of them on screen at all.
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Not sure where they got 1 hour 50 from in that article, the press release says 120 mins.
Quite an encouraging commission. It's the longest show in that slot since the first series of TMi in 2006/7. The 60 mins slots for Basil's Swap Shop and Live and Deadly never really owned the morning in the same way as the old shows did, although without a mass audience it remains to be seen how much of an impact it can have.
It's also a huge vote of confidence in the pres team who have proved themselves very capable of longform with the 30 years programme and similar specials at Christmas and for Dick and Dom's 20th. They also love the old geeky stuff which is good for the older end of the audience!!
It looks to be an expansion of what they've done with live links on Saturday for a while, although I hope it's from a different studio rather than wedged into the HQ set as usual.