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CBBC to be rebranded

(June 2001)

harshy Founding member
Billy Hicks88 posted:
Asa posted:

They'll be 'Playbox' on one of the channels for the youngens

Ooh,Playbox! I used to love that kids show after This Morning in the early 90s when I was 3. 'Hello Cat' 'Hello Dog' etc.

Oh yes, Playbox, I used to come home for my dinners and watch that show, if my mind serves me correctly, it used to be on a Monday, I think I am right, but not 100% sure!
Billy Hicks88 posted:
Ah.You are forgetting The Demon Headmaster........
....Which I've just seen on CBBC and heard no mention of a new series-Last one January 1998-<censored>

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<censored>??? Testing... f***! You must've typed it! Cheeky (!)

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Are you sure that the Current CBBC Idents are good? They are worse than the BBC Balloons, thank god they'll be going soon!!!
BillyH Founding member London London
SpiringUnhacked posted:
<censored>??? Testing... f***! You must've typed it! Cheeky (!)

No,I put censored in on purpose,I'm not that bad! Smile
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
mdta posted:
i think CBBC may become BBC Kids...

Quote for BBC America site snipped

Somehow I find it doubtful whether the BBC would use the name 'Kids' for its children's programming strand in the UK. I think the blue-rinse brigade would use it as a marker of the BBC 'dumbing down'.

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