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Square Eyes7,226 posts since 31 Mar 2001
In the face of intense pressure from CITV and children's channels, CBBC is to have a makeover and be rebranded. The new brand identity will be used to promote the broadcasters childrens content on tv, radio and the internet. This could spell the end of the CBBC corporate logo, which has always been too dull for kids TV. CITV looks far slicker presentation wise these days, CBBC is too formal looking and too yellow & black.
Big Phil
CBBC is awful and, as far as I can remember, always has been. Their current graphics are pathetic, I don't know why they changed them from the last ones when the BBC logo changed.
i think CBBC may become BBC Kids...

BBC America is not available in Canada. However there are plans to launch two Canadian channels - BBC Canada and BBC Kids - later this year in alliance with Canadian entertainment company, Alliance Atlantis Communications.

BillyH1,216 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Ah.You are forgetting The Demon Headmaster........
....Which I've just seen on CBBC and heard no mention of a new series-Last one January 1998-<censored>

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Bail3,502 posts since 30 Mar 2001 Moderator
They should have two CBBC's.. one for ickel kids (-5) with all the stupid stuff...telewatsits, and tweenis etc..and a 5+ one with fresh prince, simpsons, all the good stuff on bbc 2 at six
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That's what is happening with BBC Three / Four.

They'll be 'Playbox' on one of the channels for the youngens and 'CBBC B' (name to be decided AFAIK) on the other channel with more teenage stuff.

Cheers, Asa
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Asa posted:

They'll be 'Playbox' on one of the channels for the youngens

Ooh,Playbox! I used to love that kids show after This Morning in the early 90s when I was 3. 'Hello Cat' 'Hello Dog' etc.
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the reason the BBC have taken time to adjust is simply because they are new to multichannel environments. they only had itv as competition now out of nowhere came 20+ kids channels. they still hold out well compared to most kids channels on sattellie etc.