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on the cheap? (March 2005)

A former member Anglia (East) Look East
i have read the tv listings today and there's no more cbeebiees at 3:25pm no more instead from monday 4th april cbbc one are covering the slot and showing bodger and badger which is well old now. (8 years old!)
I always found it pointless having one CBeebies programme before CBBC. They'd be better off having CBeebies until 16.00 then CBBC or alternatively have CBeebies in the afternoon on BBC TWO.
Ben Founding member London London
So now CBBC will start 5 minutes before CiTV does and will build up a bigger lead. I suppose that is one of the reasons. Although the afternoon CBeebies slot was just a throw-back from the days when all kids shows came under the CBBC brand, it always looked a bit odd standing on its own.
RDJ Central (West) Midlands Today
I don't mind because i loved Boddger & Badger when i was younger. So it's a very nice return. So if CBBC is being extended then whats going to happen to Cbeebies?
fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
Technically they could still package Bodger & Badger as CBeebies, I doubt they will, but they could.

As for CBeebies, nothing will happen to it, they still have 2 hours of programmes between 8am & 10am, plus a channel that's on air for 13 hours everyday.
A former member Anglia (East) Look East
it is cbbc i've read it on the radio times website
Plus, Andrew said it at the end of todays CBBC ONE.

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