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CBBC new presenters

(February 2002)

The Crowdman
If you're wondering who these new CBBC / CBoo... erm, CBeebies presenters are and what they did b4, here's the guide:

JAKE HUMPHREY (CBBC) - presented on Rapture TV's 'Gamers'.
SOPHIE McDONNELL (CBBC)- former member of girl band Precious.
PUI FAN LEE (CBoo) - played Po in Teletubbies (yes, really!)
LYNSEY FRANCE - (XChange) - MTV On Call (she won Is She MTV)
FEARNE COTTON (CBBC) - various CITV and CBBC shows.
DICK 'N' DOM - (CBBC) - alias Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, former Studio9 presenters who defected to CITV shows but have now returned to TVC.
CHRIS JARVIS (CBoo) - loads and loads of stuff.

Anyone else you want to know about pop the name in here and I'll see what I can dig out...
Jenny Founding member
Fearne Cotton scares me. When she started on Diggit she was barely out of the womb and was already theconsummate TV professional. She must have been created in a sinister lab experiment.
DAS Founding member
I like Fearne - she is very nice
Ben Founding member London London
I used to live in the same road as Fearne. She was really good friends with my cousin once, I think she babysat me as well, I must have been about 7 so she was (does sums) about 11.

Last time I saw her face to face was when she was just about to leave diggit I think.

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(Edited by Ben at 4:52 pm on Feb. 12, 2002)
The Crowdman
Fearne's great, one of the most gorgeous and talented people on telly. Anyway, another one for the parade:
BARNEY HARWOOD (CBBC) - axed channel, and C4's 'Planet Pop'.
DAS on 4:30 pm on Feb. 12, 2002
I like Fearne - she is very nice

The BBC are good at getting great presenter combos on CBBC on One, Angelica and Michael were great and Ortis (ex L&K and Trouble TV ) with the lovely Fearne have a great aura as well.
Salty Founding member
Anna - Lolly (popstar)
Salty on 6:18 pm on Feb. 15, 2002
Anna - Lolly (popstar)

Surprised ARGH!!! Thought I recognised her from somewhere!!

I take it the next X-change presenter will be Billie at this rate!

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