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So, following the launch of CBBC and CBeebies Channels in February 2002, Michael and Liam left the BBC to work for CiTV and Diggin' It, while Adrian went onto host and produce the UK Top 40 on the CBBC Channel. According to Wikipedia, Adrian stayed with CBBC until 2005, though I can only take this with a grain of salt for obvious reasons.

Also, does anybody know the reasoning for Michael and Liam's depature and when did they present their final links?
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Liam was recruited as part of BBC Talent, and it was a year’s contract he won, which presumably wasn’t renewed. Liam and Michael departed the week before the relaunch, which meant one of the last things they did was promote the new channels.

Didn’t Adrian move off camera and actually produce the Top 40 show as well as presenting it?
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