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Well I see three DIY CBBC presenters turned up today - not sure why they're there (they did some presenting though and did pretty well - the guy sounded confident and I'm sure it's much harder than it looks!)

Even CITV got in on the act and had a very young presenter co-hosting the show today and he really didn't look or sound like he wanted to be there! They had a kid floor manager on the set the other week counting them in to each programme but he had to be looking offset at the real floor manager counting him in!

And it's Ana's final day tomorrow Sad ! I see Richard and Dominic, former CBBC presenters, appeared earlier in the week and let's hope Otis makes an appearance tomorrow if he can get time off from the BBC canteen! By the way, where's that gremlin gone? Has it been banished to Choice forever? Smile

Cheers, Asa
Asa...the gremlyn's on CBBC Prime as well...annoying voice
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Mere speculation as of so far. Maybe there will be, maybe there won't. Maybe they'll wait until the new digital channels arrive and launch them all then.
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Asa posted:
where's that gremlin gone? Has it been banished to Choice forever? Smile

I just saw a thing by it saying it 'had moved onto producing' and said bye to Anna, maybe we are being watched!
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Ryan posted:
(the coloured girl)

Don't really want to digress into this but that is not now a politically correct term, i've always thought it was wierd, I mean people aren't green are they! . Don't complain about calling people black, because although you might not be technically black, I am not technically white, see what i'm getting at? Its a rough description that is enough for people to interpret themselves.