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(August 2001)

Green Claws!Finger Mouse!!Come Outside!!!CBBC Choice are showing better,older and (previously) educational programmes which,in my opinion are much better than the quality of today`s pap from CBBC ONE/TWO!And i was wondering,are there plans for more classic programmes,like Animal Magic,Play School,Playaway,Willo the Wisp,Watch(the good old ones),Henyry`s cat and any other programmes on the back of my `Child`s Play`Record!80`sMusic Time?
mark Founding member London London
Fingermouse? I had no idea they were showing this! When's it on?!
I have to say I'm a big baby and do watch CBBC on Choice!

But it is annoying when they only use the channel to broadcast the programmes on a 3 hour loop!
The same goes for BBC Knowledge.
I can't see why they don't have it on more than a three hour routation. Surley they have enough good older shows(not that i'm old 19), a few months back they Had Jonny Briggs and simon and the witch on.

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