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Well, CBeebies has launched and it's nicely cropped. Why can't they either pillarbox or just press a little button to switch to 4:3? If CBBC isn't cropped I'll eat my hat. Not only that, 14:9 might be a comprimise on analogue but it's pathetic on digital where there is no way to see the picture properly (Anyway as it's cropped theres no chance anyway). 4:3 viewers like me get 25% of the picture trimmed off and widescreen and letterbox viewers lose around 14% with thin black bars on the sides. Can't they do it properly, or is cropping the only way forward int his widescreen revolution? I only hope it's not the latter.
Come on CBBC! You are meant to be run by the most professional TV organision in the world! Channel 4 can manage switching their kids shows, channel 5 can manage it and if CITV had proper eqipment I'm sure they could manage it! What is it with the BBC and their obsession with cropping? Someone who works for the BBC owes us a proper explanation.

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