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CBBC and Cbeebies launch date set

(January 2002)

Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Are these 2 new channels going to have their own entries in the EPG?

The BBC could be at a disadvantage, as if yes, they would be numbered in the 620s, after all the established channels
frogman on 9:00 pm on Jan. 9, 2002
CBBC and CBeebies will be on BBC Choice (BBC 3) and BBC Knowledge (BBC 4). They are not their own seperate channels
That's not true - although CBBC and Cbeebies will physically use the same bandwidth as BBC Choice & Knowledge, they will actually be separate, distinct channels and will appear on their own channel numbers on all digital platforms. One reason for this was stated by Greg Dyke when the channels were announced - so they would appear in the 'kids' section of the EPG. At the moment CBBC on Choice gets missed by many children as it's in the 'entertainment' section.
Yeah - basically, BBC3 and BBC4 will probably keep the current numbers of Choice and Knowledge - but they will show a blank screen all day while the bandwidth is used by the kids services on 2 new channel numbers.
mark h
For some reason my ITV Digital box made me update today and I noticed that there was now a channel 800 for BBC Knowledge - but it is blank at the moment. Could this be the channel number for the new CBeebies that will be on the same bandwidth as BBC Knowledge? Or does anyone have any idea what it's there for?
Usually channels on DTT are broadcast with an EPG number attatched - however, if a channel hasn't got a number attatched - or there is another channel already on the number it has been given - the box puts it, by default, on 800.

What you are picking up is the fact there are currently two BBC Knowledges - one on the BBC Mux and one still on the old position on MuxA. If you do a Store Channels in a few weeks it will finally disappear.

Usually channels on the 800s are tests or old channels waiting to be deleted - or sometimes people pick up duplicate channels from a neighbouring transmitter and they copies get stored on 800, 801, 802 etc
Ben on 2:02 pm on Jan. 8, 2002
Is this an interpritation, I imange that there will be a big cartoon 'C' but is that how it will look?

It looks like this is the one. I just got this from Nick Higham (the guy who wrote the report on the BBC web site)

Dear Ben
Yes, I'm told the logo used to illustrate my piece is the real one, and yes,
that (and the relevant CBeebies logo) will be used on BBC 1 and 2
Nick Higham

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