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Another point I've recalled about CBBC on Choice - it took a while for the service to move to widescreen and the re-edited idents in September 2001, which further supports it being "in the can" for a period in advance.

All the clips of CBBC on Choice I’ve seen also have the presenters wearing a CBBC T-shirt, presumably so they could record loads and it not to look like they’ve been wearing the same clothes for 2 weeks.

What again was the difference between CBBC Choice and CBBC on Choice?
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What again was the difference between CBBC Choice and CBBC on Choice?

CBBC Choice was the Saturday afternoon strand in the earlier part of BBC Choice's existence and consisted of things like L&K Replay, The Dog and Dinosaur Show, repeats of Rentaghost and Jossy's Giants etc.

CBBC on Choice was the precursor to CBeebies from late 1999, consisting of (mostly) pre-school programming on a three-hour repeating loop throughout BBC Choice's daytime hours. It sometimes delved further into the archives than CBBC on BBC1 or BBC2, for example when it dug out 15 year-old Caterpillar Trail episodes that hadn't seen the light of day for many years, and mid-80s editions of Play School at Christmas time.

The two strands overlapped for a while, until CBBC Choice disappeared in April 2000. CBBC Choice had its own idents, while CBBC on Choice used the regular CBBC idents, but with a standard C|B|B|C| logotype at the bottom of the screen.
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The elevator idea was a very clever link between the studios and channels, and of course for Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow whose elevator sat inside the main CBBC one as their original set wrapped around the TC2 channel set.

Indeed in the second video Angelica is sat in TC2 going behind the scenes of the channel, from hazy memories she also went behind the scenes on blue peter and The Saturday Show during that week. It was the biggest revamp to that point of Studio 9 and finally saw the end of the barco screens.

From the Monday morning Angelica moved on to present X Change on the channel with Fearne Cotton & Ortis Deeley presenting on BBC One. This arrangement didn’t last too long (though it could have been a year or so) from what I remember as Angelica came back to CBBC One afternoons.

The CBBC channel felt electric at launch, live continuity throughout the day, X Change having two daily live editions, newsround updates through the day, a live spin off show to the Saturday show & a new live Sunday morning show in Smile. It must have been amazing to work around those studios at that time.

As for the set up, the set was cleverly designed to break up the studio into the sections, with set walls added it gave privacy to rehearse whilst the gallery outputted another show. In the early days of the channel, the last few links following the afternoon X change came from Studio 9, this was possibly due to the fact that Newsround Lite aired around 6:30, but could have also been to enable maintenance to take place ahead of the next day of broadcasting.
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Edging towards pre-recorded because Dick and Dom were live in Studio 9 on the first day of the relaunch and like you said, maintenance needed to be carried out.
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Generic pre-recorded links today. Is Tillie (Almost Never) a new permanent presenter?

No. Presenter availability is sparse at the moment so they have guest presenters to relive the pressure from Rhys. Lauren does two days a week, Karim is away filming for Sport Relief, Joe was hired as a guest presenter to help relieve Rhys who is the only presenter that is readily available most of the time.
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