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Anglia (East) Look East
I imagine it’ll be to appeal to the different age brackets, and possibly towards parents for a bit of Christmas nostalgia. I agree that it’s around a week early.

It’s a shame that Jonny & Yasmin will be leaving Saturday Mash Up, the last series was wonderfully creative with what small budget they must have had.

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Granada North West Today
What you’d describe as a “mixed” response to the CBeebies simulcast of BP, looking at the tweets to the CBeebies grownups account.

Excuse the pun but overall it was quite a frosty reception. Though it is a bit weird airing a show aimed at children over 6 on a channel for under sixes.
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Looks like they've brought back educational programmes in school time in the form of a repackaged "CBBC Live Lesson"
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Brilliant final episode of The Demon Headmaster

Spoiler for whole series below.
The whole series has been brilliantly written and composed. It says a lot about our society and how we should care for other people, family or not. That final episode had lots of plot twists and the expected cameo from Terrence Hardiman. The final scene opens a lot of possibilities for a new series. Apparently, Auntie Beeb has been discussing whether or not to renew this series for a week or two, so let's hope we hear soon.

Also, Gill Sans on the BBC News microphone? Shame on you.
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