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How could they not know what it was with Blue Peter logos plastered all over it?!

I'm glad that the BBC have still acknowledged it's existence and that they are still planning to open it in 33 years time (god I feel old!)

The question is what has happened to the one in the Blue Peter garden that was to be opened in 2029?

It was relocated to Salford.
In fact they didn't have a garden at all at one point and it was reported it was going to sit on the roof at Salford, and the capsule and the statues were in storage in 2011:

Here's Princess Anne opening the new garden (thankfully not on the roof) in 2012:
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This job vacancy for a researcher for a new CBBC fantasy game show sounds exactly like they are bringing back Raven:
BBC Children’s is looking for Researchers for a CBBC Fantasy Adventure Show.

This is an exciting opportunity to work on a challenge show that combines an engaging narrative with thrilling games and fantasy role play.

It adopts the traditional values of a past gone era and culture. Honour, fair play, bravery, competition and heroism are at the core of the brand and this combined with character role play against the stunning setting of the natural world make it unmissable content.

The challenges take place out of doors in spectacular surroundings, which, regardless of the weather conditions, provide a stunning backdrop. The games can be physically and/or mentally demanding. Games are not only challenging, exciting and fun, but creative and original.

We are looking to recruit Researchers who have proven experience in producing fantastic factual entertainment content for children.
Neil Jones4,028 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Raven was a great show that looked impressive on its limited budget for something that was filmed in an activity centre and the grounds of a castle somewhere. What was not to like?

It could be seen as a reimagining of the 80s kids show Knightmare in a way - some weird guy in a silly costume and a thick beard rounds up a bunch of kids and near enough puts them through hell, bumping them off via their own means (accident or otherwise) for ultimate self-gain.
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A live saturday morning show is coming back on the cbbc channel. It's only 12 episodes.

Sounds interesting. I wonder if it will be based on the classic Saturday morning format like Going Live and Live and Kicking?

EDIT: You added the link as soon as i asked that question!
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