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"The Duckula Show" is the name of an episode of Danger Mouse, I wonder if it's just been listed separately because it was done for a different client (just CBBC, no Freemantle involvement)?


I noticed this as well, perhaps Fremantle have given CBBC the rights to do it in-house. They have just started making in-house animation, and had an animation pilot competition last year.

I'm almost certain this "The Duckula Show" is something different from the episode. Different writer, different year and mentions it on his website as a TV series and mentions it seperately from DM - http://www.rochellestevens.com/oswin/
Since 2008 Mark has written on a huge amount of kids comedy shows including My Spy Family, Jinx, Summer In Transylvania, Hotel Trubble, 4 O’Clock Club, The Revolting World of Stanley Brown, Strange Hill High, Hank Zipzer, Scream Street, All At Sea, So Awkward, Horrible Science and Danger Mouse. Mark’s DM Series 1 episode ‘Greenfinger’ was nominated for the 2017 WGGB award for Best Children’s TV Episode. He also co-created the BAFTA-winning online mystery drama Dixie.

Mark has also polished and punched up a large number of scripts for many different TV series, the most recent being The Duckula Show for BBC and new Lionsgate feature film Four Kids & It.
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Blue Peter time capsule under the 02 arena dug up 33 years early!


The article says that no one realised it was the blue peter time capsule, and they thought it contained valuables, so tried to smash it open (including attacking it with the teeth of a fork lift truck), but the article also says “The team at the O2 and our contractors ISG have been searching for the Blue Peter Time Capsule since we started construction work in 2016"
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How could they not know what it was with Blue Peter logos plastered all over it?!

I'm glad that the BBC have still acknowledged it's existence and that they are still planning to open it in 33 years time (god I feel old!)

The question is what has happened to the one in the Blue Peter garden that was to be opened in 2029?
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