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That's interesting, they haven't done this since 2008 at the very start of the office era, I think it was when they moved to East Tower from TC12 that it stopped.

Would be interested how it's done technically as I think the links just get cut to air as an outside source from RedBee/Ericsson at the moment, what does the squeeze look like?
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Of course though there's plenty of 2D CGI animation around that can be done very quickly and cheaply, presumably much more so than 3D CG. Isn't the new DM flash animated?

Actually, the new DM is animated in Toon Boom Harmony.

It was going to be animated in flash, but they felt it was too limited - http://www.cartoonbrew.com/tv/rebooting-danger-mouse-for-a-new-generation-interview-with-directors-robert-cullen-and-paul-oflanagan-120551.html
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Sometimes I overestimate people noticing changes in TV presentation; however, I underestimated the reaction of younger relatives to the rebrand of CBBC.

After flicking over to CBBC, one of the new idents appeared. Immediately, the comment came:

"Oh, they've changed the CBBC logo! I liked the old one where the letters were different things"

Considering the proliferation of Netflix and YouTube in their lives, I was surprised the change was noticed. Perhaps he's a TV Forum member in the making.
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