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CBBC 1994

(July 2001)


I think the future of the BBC should be actively discussed.

The DCMS & BBC need to discuss the future of the license fee in the digital, mult-channel age. It is becoming increasingly untenable.

Perhaps BBC News could be separated from the BBC, making it a separte company. Therefore, N24 wouldn't be part of the British Broadcasting Corp. yet would become part of 'BBC News' group. N24 & the website could sell advertising then.

Just a thought. Controversial.
Robert posted:
What's the site for the C4 prog SN?
Can you still vote for them?

(Edited by Robert at 8:18 pm on July 1, 2001)


The same backing music has been used in various CBBC on Choice links that I've seen over the past few days (particularly when birthday cards are being read out) and I think that the music originated as a CBBC backing track before the CBBC 1997 relaunch (Black/Yellow) which is/was used when they didn't want to play pop music during links, especially during the links for 3:30-4:10pm programmes
Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
Thanks Dave. If my memory serves me right, it sounds like an extended version of their 1994 ident theme and it's just the first time I've heard it in years!

Cheers, Asa
Isonstine Founding member London London

I haven't head that for a while!

It is indeed an extended version of the CBBC theme used in past years. I'd love to get hold of a clean copy.
Sub Zero
Can I just ask...


I have somewhere on tape and extended CBBC's not the one in question here but it's certainly from the CBBC past....and it has no speaking over it either.

I'll have to find the tape and get a sample to see what you think.....and whether you know when it was from if you are interested.


P.S I too would like to get hold of a clean copy of the tune in question here as well Smile
Square Eyes Founding member
Best Kids TV Shows

Bod, The Flumps, Mr Benn, Finger Mouse, Bagpuss, Moomins

That's all I can think of at the minute
Ooh Mr Benn!!

Anyone remember Henry's Cat?
I loved that, my sister always used to have a 3 foot Henry's Cat and I used to be really jealous, she was always the favoured one.

noggin Founding member
BBC Choice posted:
Surely the BBC Kids Channel will just be a part of BBC THREE, so there may be CBBC ONE from 3.30-5.35pm, CBBC TWO in the mornings and mid-afternoon, and CBBC THREE from 6am-7pm.

I believe that the new BBC Three and Four channels will only be on-air in the evenings. The two new BBC Childrens' channels - one for younger viewers, one for older-younger viewers (?!) - will share the space of Three and Four during the daytime on the BBC's digital services... but they will appear to be on different channel numbers.

This is to allow the channnels to appear in different areas of EPGs. Currently CBBConChoice appears in the Entertainment area on Sky, not the Childrens' area. This is not good for those few people (something like 1%) who use the EPG rather than channel up/down/number surfing.

This is very common on Sky - where I believe channels like MTV Dance and Nick Jr share the same broadcast space but appear to be on different EPG channels....

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