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I'm guessing with Love Island, it'll be a two hour episode with Aftersun not airing.

Yeah I'd be surprised if Aftersun was on but it might not go the full two hours tomorrow. Extended due the tribute to Caroline I can see but maybe not that long. They already build in "rest days" into the process, to allow 7 days to fit into 6 shows where the contestants get taken away from the villa for a rest, not for the full day but for a lot of it (there have been a couple of articles about it in the past). Given the impact of the past few days on the crew as well, I'd imagine there might be one more rest day than usual this week.

Tonally, I can't see them going for two hours of normal show, and Iain's voiceover might be a little less frivolous.
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Amber Avenger135 posts since 15 Jun 2017
Granada North West Today
Wouldn't the extra hour mostly be what they would've shown tonight?

Yes, I understand that. My point being if they have a regular ish length show tomorrow, they can build in a bonus rest day in the production, tomorrows show being largely what tonight's would have been without having to continually create content in the shadow of the loss of a colleague and domino effect of having an hours less content over the week. Not a huge deal in the last week when not a great deal happens, final dates, meet the parents etc. It's not like Big Brother where each ep covers one day. Love Island has been known just to cover one night, sometimes events over two or three separate days
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Do the contestants in the villa know about the news re Caroline?

I don’t know anything about this show at all and, particularly, whether any parts of it are broadcast LIVE. If the latter is the case, I’d imagine the production team would de-risk any potential accidental jovial or other reference to Caroline by briefing the contestants on her sad passing.

Regardless of my own views above, it would anyway be otherwise unwise* if the production team withheld such info solely in the interests of making better telly!

In fact, the more I think about it, there are significant reasons (as many of you have already pointed out) to justify cancelling the ongoing season of Love Island.

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After the news on the weekend and while most of the ITV shows are talking very sensitively about Caroline Flack’s death, one ITV host is tweeting to a mental health sufferer that ‘nobody will remember you’. No prizes for guessing which ITV host it is.
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He thinks he is (and seemingly is ?!) untouchable.

The comments referred to above in case anyone didn't see this:


I just cannot get past how they treated Alastair Stewart over his posting of a quote which you could describe as 'a poor choice of words' at the very worst, yet Good Morning Britain's 'star signing' is able to do and say whatever he likes and it's fine because 'ha, well, that's classic Piers'.

Sick of it.
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