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Carlton ident

(July 2001)

ohwhatanight Founding member
just came across this carlton idents and have been speaking to the person who designed it!

does anyone remember this one:-

click on clients and then on carlton
I would think that this is probably a spoof.

Looking at the Virtual Sets section from the left hand menu, the picture of the supposed 'Global News 24' set looks like something knocked up on Microsoft Publisher or Powerpoint, albeit in 3D.

The FTSE graphic isn't labelled correctly and as for the Carlton Ident, nice idea for the video wall thing but the workmanship looks dodgy and it looks like they've knicked the yellow stars background from one of the current idents.

Plus there is no contact number only an e-mail address for ntl world.

Sounds dodgy to me..........Confused
Yeah, it does look a bit 'dodgy' -- the 'Global News 24' virtual set looks very -- fake, unprofessional, etc -- as does everything else on the site! It's a spoof.
Hmm .... yes I think someone is trying to have us there!
Nice try with the CITV Studio but it looks nothing like it, specially as there's no at sign in the web address!

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