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j2k47 posts since 4 Jan 2003
So.. I just heard about this. Flicked onto ITV (Carlton Central region) and there's a programme on now so I can't see the idents etc until Corrie Sad

But - when I normally press 1, it appears in a black box at the bottom 'BBC ONE', 2 gets 'BBC TWO', 4 gets 'Channel 4 Television', 5 gets 'Channel 5' etc but 3 doesn't show anything. Usually it shows 'CARLTON'.

So... what is Waltham currently transmitting? Carlton Central or LWT?

(When I go to teletext it still says ITV EAST MIDLANDS though)
An ITV Sports Channel advert just came into the broadcast for a few secs...

I think Nottingham maybe back...

or maybe not! Still generic Continuity announcements
DAS3,145 posts since 10 Apr 2001
So, to make it clearer, is it still the case that Central's transmitters have simply switched over to LWT's output? It seems that both regions are broadcasting the generic service - ie LWT have done Central viewers a favour by not confusing them with LWT presentation. (Not too patronising for you, I hope!!)
Andrew Wood3,337 posts since 30 Mar 2001
Interesting point, DAS. Now, if one of the non-Carlton regions was to go belly-up and their sustaining feed was from Carlton (whatever region), I wonder how willing Carlton would be to replace their idents with the generic ITV idents? (They may of course have to as part of some agreement.)
Asa3,298 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
Exciting going-ons!

That ITV ident, is it just the overnight version? I know TV Ark have a 'lines' version which reveals the ITV logo. I was wondering if they'd be tempted to use that?

Cheers, Asa
BBC Choice
They'd better use it at 8 - I don't want to think I'd watched a WHOLE episode of corrie for no reason! Agh! The torture! <no offence intended to any corrie fans!>