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Brekkie32,568 posts since 4 Jan 2003
The long delayed Cape Wrath finally debuts on C4 on Tuesday (it was supposed to air back in March), and it seems to be a British series with a British cast set in Britain.

The basic premise is a family on witness protection sent to a new home where nothing is quite what it seems - Meadowlands.

However, it seems now even with UK series the American's get to see them first - it appears to have been airing on Showtime as "Meadowlands" for a few weeks.

nate mate1,024 posts since 17 Dec 2005
I've just seen the next 2 episodes on TV Links, bloody hell this is getting good.

It's a bit violent though I must admit!

I pronounce - well, I DID pronounce it Wrath, but Wroth seems to of slipped in now =P
Brekkie32,568 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I've watched the first and got the second to watch - still undecided about it really.

Not doing brilliantly though for C4 - just 1.1m last night, down 500,000 from last week.

Anyone know how well it performed for Showtime in the US (as "Meadowlands") - that could win it a second series I suppose.
Breakfast News1,550 posts since 30 Mar 2003
Mr Just posted:
Agree with above ^ !

Thing is, I can't seem to find anybody that's watched it!

Well I am! Enjoyed the first one, second one seemed to tie up a few points, whilst opening up a couple of new threads...next weeks does look like a craker!
Brekkie32,568 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Caught up with episode two. After the first I wasn't sure it was worth sticking with, but after the second it's looks like it'll be worth it.

Couple of things to note - firstly, it has very short breaks (around 2 minutes compared to the usual 4mins) probably due to the running time on Showtime - and secondly, the C4 ECP terribly annoying covering up the last line of each page of credits - even though I couldn't care less who the make-up assistant or whoever is!