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hi all,first post on here,I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the name of a program that was shown on National Geographic channel,around 10 years ago.

The show was about an aborigonal elder,a middle aged man from germany(if memory serves me right) and a young "backpacker type" man...the premise of the show was to trek across the aussie outback,with each man using their own methods.

Now this is where it gets a bit blurry for me,I think the aborigonal man had a small knotted hanky on a stick to carry his needs for the journey,the german guy had a cart that he pulled on wheels,although I think he dumped it part way round,while the younger guy tackled it as an adventure runner would,,trainer type shoes,shorts,headband,rucksack,that type of gear.

The show title was similar to "the great race","the big journey","the incredible adventure",something like that,but if I google these titles,I come up with books and other tv shows,nothing related to what im looking for...I have found the title once before,but rather foolishly didn't make note of it!

I do remember one other bit of info,im not sure why this stuck in my mind,but,the german guy had to urinate in a makeshift container to soak his badly blistered feet!

Sorry I cant be more specific,but that's about all I can remember,if anyone can remember the title to this,I would really like to hear from you,thank's for reading...