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Last ever Byker Grove!

(December 2006)

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Caught this by complete accident, the last episode airing hidden away on the CBBC channel - and quite an original ending too.

I'll spoiler tag it just in case:

The residents of the Grove discover that they don't exist and are just the figment of someones imagination.

Every trauma they've ever been through has been decided by a mysterious controlling force known as "the writers" - but now they want to end the story.

The Grove is being sold off and parts are disapearing as the end approaches - but the writers offer the characters the chance to write their own endings.

In the end as most characters write a future of fame and fortune, Stumpy is digging around the grounds looking for an old time capsule to remember the place by when he accidently discovers gold bullion hidden in the grounds by a notorious criminal and use it to outbit the developers to buy the Grove themselves, while alot of ex-members return to protest to "Save the Grove" (didn't spot Ant and Dec though!)

However, they are too late to break the news to the Gruesome Twosome who decided to end the story by blowing the Grove up, but just as they set off the dynamite the characters disappear and the story is over.
russnet Founding member
Two characters sum up Byker Grove for me

Spuggie and Geoff!
Put The Telly On
Wouldn't it be great if Ant and Dec returned for the last episode... obviously PJ would still have to be blind..... "cannae see pet". Smile
I'd forgoten he went blind in it. well it was 1989ish. a reunion of the now grown up kids would be good
The ending described sounds like something The Sun would make up on a bad day. If true, a painfully humiliating end for BG and everyone who made it such a success.
I've never cared for Byker Grove but I wouldn't wish that ending on the fans of any show - that's just plain moronic.
Gavin Scott Founding member
At the end of the day, I bet it was fun to write, produce and perform.

People take things too seriously.

I'm reminded of JM after Crossroads went all camp, unbeleivable and fabulous.
the end of crossroads was just as stupid with her sat on a checkout dreaming whilst holding a jar of pickle, was she narcoleptic or something? would have been much more logical having her asleep in the staff room on her lunch break.

anyway hope that isn't then ending of byker grove, they may as well just show the sets and the film crew and reveal they've been really making a TV programmes for all these years.

why not just sell off the place to a developer and see them all move on, like Brookside did
Pete Founding member
stevek posted:
the end of crossroads was just as stupid

yes and that's why it was fabulous.
The actual ending was not as "spoiled" above - but actually as "spoiled below"

Stumpy saved the day! While searching for Geoff's time capsule Stumpy unearthed Andrew Robinson's gold and bought Byker Grove off the council. Byker Grove now belongs to the kids and will stay open forever!
Anyone know the name of the tune used over the end credits on the last edition and which group it was by?.

This is what happened at the end...

The ending was of that spoiler 2 posts above, and then (I don't know the names of characters) those two teens remembered those two girls were going to blow up the Grove. When she pressed the lever the screen faded to white, which faded to (longer) credits with pictures of past and present characters of Byker Grove. Then when the credits finished the screen faded to white, and then the screen faded back to that last moment, where you saw that another boy had snapped the wires, and the Grove had not been blew up. With that was sad goodbye music, with those two girls chasing the boy but suddenly faded away... then cut to inside with the kids partying when they faded away too... as well as everyone in the front fading away...

A picture of the Grove then appeared with "BYKER GROVE 1989-2006" with the kids cheering while that was on. After that, the end picture of the end credits that is usually shown came on with that last picture of the grove.

Byker Grove: The End.

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