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thegeek4,823 posts since 1 Jan 2002
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Tonight BTS are running a 2018 Moto GP review (starting shortly at 1930) the bizarre thing is this is being shown in 4K, whereas afaik Zero 4K Moto GP coverage has been run on the service this year. I hope that the action shown is indeed in 4K and that there's no upscaling.

Other than the 2015 British GP, I don't think any races have been produced in UHD.

The location looks rather nice, but does suffer from a bit of a rumbling noise every five minutes or so - they're directly beneath the East London Line.
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I know they've been transmitting past 'The Big Match' (and indeed 'MotD') programmes for a while. but I've avoided them. Tonight following the French League Cup match, I was stunned to hear and then note that the latest batch seem to be being transmitted in FULL including the glorious LWT animated logo at the beginning. I thought that this was previously removed in these re-runs. With some investigation it appears that they also are showing some of the Granada 'Match Time' programmes too, as they're in the player. These too are headed with the Granada logo.

Retro TV in full.
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There was a TVS 'The Saturday Match' with Fred Dinage in there somewhere too.

One of the few TVS programmes that are broadcastable. I think because the sport archive went to Meridian along with the news & some local programmes.

Assuming the rights are still available to broadcast. Having the paperwork means you know the rights situation at the point of original production. It doesn't mean that those rights are still available now (but it's a lot better than not knowing the rights!)

Sports rights are notoriously tricky.
Steve Williams2,679 posts since 1 Aug 2008
Well, you obviously know what I meant, it's not stuck in the limbo of most of the rest of the TVS archive.

Yes, news and sport programmes from TVS aren't affected by the issue that causes problems with other programmes because, as you say, it was all inherited by Meridian - and presumably the sports coverage is now part of the ITV Sport Archive.