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I appreciate that not many people will have been watching BT Sport 1 for 11 hours yesterday*, but I rather liked the presentation: each programme was taken off air by the next. So Saturday Morning Savage handed over to Matt Smith at the first FA Cup game, and they promo'ed their match and went into a break with an FA Cup break bumper; the FA Cup game finished under Score branding, etc. It's all quite slickly done, and even if the Matchday Live branding doesn't live on, the 'one long programme' concept does.

* though if they did they'll probably have felt like they'd had the messaging about the PPV event boxed into them
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thegeek4,813 posts since 1 Jan 2002
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Agree both regarding the presentation and the Box Office promo. Assume the fight gets an airing on the main channels in a week or so anyway.

I can't see anything in the schedules at the moment. They're still charging for the replays, which are on a loop on the Box Office channel till Friday. I can't work out how much it is, but surely it's not still £19.95.

Can't remember what it was for but there was a promo on BT Sport I saw yesterday that was very flash red and black colours that was a real assault on the eyes.

One of these, probably:
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Tonight BTS are running a 2018 Moto GP review (starting shortly at 1930) the bizarre thing is this is being shown in 4K, whereas afaik Zero 4K Moto GP coverage has been run on the service this year. I hope that the action shown is indeed in 4K and that there's no upscaling.