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I’m pretty sure football fans die everyday.

Not usually while watching a match.

Seems BT Sport showed it taking off from the pitch, went to a break and when they came back reported that it had crashed.

That's right, Jake was visibly very shaken coming back from the break but the whole team handled it really well. As well as it feeling in bad taste to continue with the show after what happened, the crew needed to evacuate so the programme had to rush off air.

Indeed, will be interesting to see how Match of the Day handle things tonight, of course Gary Lineker has a personal connection to both of today's sad events.
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I think Jake mentioned that they could see and hear the crash from their studio position. They did try to continue the programme but both he and the two guests were clearly sounding quite shaken, and I heard the playout director offering to take them off air pretty much as soon as they wanted. I expect tomorrow morning's repeat will probably be dropped, but that hadn't been decided by the time I left the building.

It's been quite a day. I think the channel struck the right tone on air; off-air I'm glad I work with such unflappable people who kept everything together in such unexpected circumstances.
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Gary Lineker very sombre at the start of Match of the Day, with the Glenn Hoddle news and the helicopter crash. The match commentator provided an update after the highlights, on a very clear connection presumably used for the earlier commentary.

Possibly - or an ISDN in the tunnel / media centre is more likely.
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The grounds were evacuated weren't they? I reckon BBC radio Leicester is the most likely place for an uplink

The BBC producer Andrew James (who’d been working with with Alistair Mann) is quoted on the BBC live page saying he’d moved away from the crash site and was in the stadium media centre with others.

A call to evacuate is exactly what you'd expect to happen immediately, but clearly some time later journalists were able to be inside the ground.
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The Crash occurred outside, albeit just, the club's perimeter, in an industrial area, so after evacuation, due diligence and presumably a headcount there's no reason that the buildings at the Stadium cannot now be used for incident support and broadcast.