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TV Sports Markets reported earlier today that BT Sport were negotiating for EXCLUSIVE SPFL rights in the next round ....

see here ……..

16-Mar-2017 @ 23:36

Early stages of negotiations though.
and a follow-up opinion piece in the Mail:

thegeek4,229 posts since 1 Jan 2002
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Mattek-Sands v Siniakova started on Sport 1 with BT commentary, and on Extra 1 with World Feed commentary. Sport 1 (and its commentators) then moved to the Watson game when it started.

edit: I'm told they may squeeze in Bouchard v Barty, provided it hasn't finished by the time either of the current games do.
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I didn't notice the world feed commentary was there from the start. Bouchard v Barty was on Extra 1 (presumably the world feed went to it) and then moved to BTS 1 when Watson v Tig finished, Extra 1 quickly turned off.

Any reason why they can't provide the extra courts without commentary like Sky are able to, when they have those six Extra channels showing nothing at all throughout the tournament?
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It seems that I've completely misunderstood the Box Nation (BN) deal which programme wise starts next Saturday. I had assumed that the Saturday Night Fights would be simulcast on Box Nation, they're not. BN runs it's own schedule against the BT offering. BN being seemingly devalued as a result. It's clear that the top BN slice has been given to BT unilaterally. I'm wondering whether there's a future for BN as a standalone offering when it;s up against the Boxing offerings of SS, SBO and BT's competition.