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BT Sport - Launch of BT Sport Ultimate

Refund credits or charity donations being offered to customers

thegeek Founding member London London
Now that seems to be a conflict of interests.

Is it? Sky Media already sell ads for a variety of channels which compete with Sky. I no idea how the commercial side works, but the press release mentions a competitive tender process - they'll presumably have promised to deliver a certain amount of revenue, and will have KPIs to ensure that they do.
They're perhaps also hoping that it'll make life easier for advertisers, who can now get more sports viewers through one agency.
Plektrum Central (East) East Midlands Today
Now that seems to be a conflict of interests.

In what way? They already have an existing commercial relationship so this is a natural extension of it and Sky Media will be working on behalf of BT as they already do for Viacom and Discovery - Sky Media will be working for the client and repping the client’s interests so unsure what conflict there is?
nwtv2003 Granada North West Today
BT are closing a bit of a loop hole from the end of July. For a couple of years now, users who have a basic subscription (in my case as a Β£5 per month add on with EE) will now have to upgrade their subscription to use the BT Sport App on Windows. The Windows App allows you to view in full screen and to connect to your TV without issue. A shame as it was a cheap and easy way to watch BT Sport.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
The four remaining R16 Second Legs of the UEFA CL will be played as originally drawn, and not moved to Portugal as the remainder of the tournament is to be.

The remaining UEFA EL R16 matches that have reached the second leg status will similarly be played as originally drawn. The two fixtures in the R16 which have not yet started will be played as single leg matches in Germany, as will the remainder of the competition.

The draws for the final stages of both competitions will be held tomorrow.

11 days later

DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
BT are to offer the delayed UEFA CL final free again via the BT Sport YouTube Channel.

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