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A little bit of a behind the scenes from BT Sport's live MotoGP show on Sunday - skip forward to 1:40 to see not just the presenters at home.

Have to say, I take my hat off to BT Sport for really pulling out the stops with new programming content during this barren time for live sport.

New remote produced programmes from the Football, Moto GP and Rugby teams are in stark difference to Sky Sports, who seemingly are concentrating in feeding Sky Sports News and the only live sport on a daily basis is the horse racing from Austraila (non uk hosted) and US racing (UK studio presentation).
Readers are warned that this post contains some flash photography
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I'm not the world's biggest Interpol fan, but it was nice to see the closer from last year's UCL final again at the end of tonight's 'throwback' episode:

(though curiously not quite the same version as the one above - the commentary at the end was a wee bit different)
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Shame it had to end with an 'in isolation' show, but I guess that's the way it goes!

Absolutely disgraceful that they will end their fantastic coverage like that. The SPFL should be ashamed that they chose the much, much poorer option in Sky, who have no real interest in Scottish football, but at least the panel will carry on for Premier Sports' coverage.
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Bundesliga Coverage Details ...

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