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eladkse36 posts since 11 Dec 2013
Bit inconsistent branding on the mic covers. Quick example - the MotoGP guys have the full BT Sport logo (along with their new shirts), while National League is using just the BT logo.

They’ve rectified this now the MotoGP guys are back in the UK. Just the BT logo on the mics this weekend.
thegeek4,964 posts since 1 Jan 2002
London London
South Africa's SuperSport are now taking BT's presentation:

UKnews gave kudos
DVB Cornwall8,390 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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There's a real opportunity using the Big Screen Apps to provide TV coverage of ALL Europa League matches, rather than the limited selection broadcast via the Channels. I'm looking forward to see what occurs. I suspect that this won't happen though.