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If you could bring back any BBC TWO ident...

Which one would it be? (November 2016)

With BBC TWO resurrecting its classic 1991-2001 ident set in late-2014, which ident not currently being broadcast at the moment would you bring back and why? This isn't counting BBC Two Northern Ireland, which broadcasts a much wider range of idents than BBC TWO England, Wales and Scotland. For me, it would have to be this:

Larry the Loafer Granada North West Today
I'm quite surprised Powder hasn't lurked back considering that was one of the more iconic ones. Maybe there's not enough motion after the '2' lands.
Rex (previously MetalGearRex) London London
Optics, Powder, Aerial, Diary, Steam, Catalyst, Excalibur and Wave.

There are a great deal of 90s idents that Network can use but they have to take into account the fact that they wanted only 'fun idents' and the inclusion of BBC Two HD.
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Aerial has been the one ident I have always wonder why it was never brought back in to use. It ticks all the boxes which have been suggested. I think most people on here would like to see Paint return.

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