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The Sun are reporting that the former presenter and MP Brian Walden has died from emphysema age the age of 86:


From that article:

His work saw him present ITV programmes including London Weekend Television -
reportedly becoming a favourite interviewer of Margaret Thatcher.

Another fine example of journalism from The Sun right there. Meanwhile, an article from a somewhat more reputable source . . .

BBC News ... Brian Walden: Broadcaster and former Labour MP dies aged 86.
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(Until further notice!)
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Replace the mock Victorian library set, for something more darker and an upturned LCD monitor, and it's clear to see where BBC Parliament and Steve Richards got the insparation for the recent 'Reflections' series from.

Hopefully, given the extensive archive of Brian interviewing the great and the good (and not so good) of British Politics, we may see a night of Mr Walden on said BBC Parliament as a tribute.
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