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Brexit: Will leaving EU impact on broadcasting?

(June 2016)

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Moving away from discussing the presentation of the referendum result just how will Britain leaving the EU impact on UK broadcasting.

The answer might be not much at all, or that nobody has a clue what happens next, but there are areas where EU legislation has played a part, notably sports rights where the EU certainly has played a part in how the Premier League rights are sold. Advertising and product placement has been subject to EU restrictions too.

Also will it impact the Scandinavian channels which are licenced by OFCOM rather than in their own country?
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Local TV will go for a start.
Local TV will go for a start.

Are you referring to the channel 7 channels? If so then that isn't going to worry me.
Local TV will go for a start.

About time.
Local TV will go for a start.

London Lite Founding member
We could see the likes of iPlayer being available in EU member states, then geoblocked again once we leave the EU.
Inspector Sands
'British Exit from E.U. Could ‘Devastate’ U.K. Creative Sector'

'Media stocks hit by out vote'
Inspector Sands
We could see the likes of iPlayer being available in EU member states, then geoblocked again once we leave the EU.

Shy's that? Surely being out of the EU would make the opposite more likely?
Whataday Founding member
I think as a forum we should air with caution of talking about how Brexit could affect the creative sector, and if we discuss it at all to focus on the legislative effects. Just my viewpoint.
The advertisers have already cut back/put a hold on spending because of Brexit, which has had an effect at my workplace. We've been told by our MD that Ofcom doesn't have a plan yet for Brexit. Its all up in the air at the moment, basically. Especially those foreign broadcasters based in London.
Local TV will go for a start.

I think that would be about time, although arguably for an inward looking backward thinking Brexit Britain regional TV should take on a new importance.

Quite a few of the big period dramas especially are filmed in Eastern Europe, something which will surely be more difficult once we're outside the EU.
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One thing's certain, Ofcom will need to be strengthened as will many other regulatory offices of state, so much regulation and policy has come from EU intitutions those functions will need to be replicated. As for broadcasters, it wouldn't surprise me to see the BBC Charter now renewed temporarily, as Parliamentary time will be required for Brexit legislation which will dominate affairs for the next two years. I'm expecting lots of pressure from all sectors for positioning into the future too.

Nothing controversial said there I hope.

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