Steve Naylor
Quote: from square eyes on 6:59 pm on July 5, 2001
Perhaps the BBC think that we are all stupid enought to think that the 'window on the world' is actually a 'real' window.   Changing the location would shatter that illusion.  

Ah yes, we are all naive!! It's amazing how many BBC studios there are on the top of tall buildings!!!
Think the award for the most boring view out of their window has to go to East Midlands Today for their wonderful view of the BBC East Midlands Studios. Really interesting (!) Midlands Today need to move their camera - its a few trees and mostly sky. Not that I have anything against clouds but its boring.
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Right, East Midlands Today don't have their view of the news centre anymore. It is an actual camera on the top of the Nottingham Building.

Midlands Today tried the Centenary Square view in Birmingham view for a while and still use it for the late bulletin.

The Centenary Square view will be in their window (I think) when they move to the Mailbox. Which they are supposed to be doing in October!

I have also heard that they will have a South Today/Points West style massive studio with a nation size window and of course they will be in 16:9. Roll on October! Smile