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thegeek5,109 posts since 1 Jan 2002
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Blue Peter's Big Olympic Tour has fallen off air halfway through. We've got the CBBC breakdown slide, and some standard BBC Two breakdown music (albeit that's a little glitchy) and fairly regular announcements. "Live programmes, eh?"

The CBBC channel, which is simulcasting this, has the same slide but silence.
thegeek5,109 posts since 1 Jan 2002
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they did eventually get the music and announcements on the CBBC channel too, but at 0922 gave up and went to a Prank Patrol filler.

Single path OBs, eh? Smile

Watching back a recording of it, it seems they had to relocate to Bournemouth from the Isle of Wight due to flooding, and Live and Deadly's Naomi Wilkinson presented in place of Helen Skelton.

The breakdown itself was a little odd - at the end of a VT, the pictures stayed on the final frame. Naomi started to speak, then was abruptly cut off - but crowd noise could still be heard in the background right up to the point where the breakdown caption kicked in.
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Blake Connolly1,800 posts since 21 Apr 2001
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Very regular announcements on BBC Two with Dean Lydiate, seems to have been a change in policy over the last few years to do announcements much more frequently than they used to during breakdowns. At one point he even did a time check, "just coming up to 9:15".
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They've not had much luck with this programme, third week they had to broadcast from a tent due to the awful weather, then few weeks later pre-recorded the show at MediaCity that was meant to be live in Burnley, then this week moving the show from the Isle of Wight due to the weather and conditions again!