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Blaze's launch has also led to other side effects occurring on COM4 - ITV2+1 has an hour cut from the schedule - it's now operating from 6am to 3am. Not sure where the hour will go to though. ITV4 and ITVBe timeshifts are now to operate on the remainder of ITV2+1 capacity, Be+1 for 4am and 4+1 for 5am, before switching to ITV2+1.

Edit: Blaze+1 is eating in on Blaze capacity - 3am to 4am - with listings identical to the main channel, rather than timeshifted. Indicates that it's a placeholder with the aim of gaining capacity in the future, as speculated before.

Will add in for the latest changes on COM4 with regards to Blaze's launch.
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Rex (previously MetalGearRex) 1,544 posts since 11 May 2016
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Full arrangements of what's happened today now Blaze has launched:
ITV2+1 takes a hit - The Store, ITVBe+1 and ITV4+1 have snagged a hour out of the stream each from 3am to 6am.

Blaze has taken capacity from The Store to fully launch on LCN 83, Blaze+1 takes up Blaze capacity between 3am and 4am.

Note that ITV4+1 has moved to ITV2+1 capacity, TJC now has an entire stream to itself.
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I guess then no fee at all it paid for the EPG slot (unlike Sky I think), leading to these ridiculous middle of the night 1 hour +1 channels which are just holding slots for channels which may never launch. Really time Freeview put an end to the practice either by having a minimal number of broadcast hours (as Sky do) or a fee for EPG slots (as I'm sure Sky do).
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