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Big Brother USA 22 - 2020

The 22nd Series of BBUSA will not air this summer

According to the Hollywood Reporter CBS will not air BBUSA22.

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JAS84 Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Couldn't this have just been posted in the "Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows" thread?
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Yes, and a bit quick to jump on this as they now say the intention is it will go to air this summer but the situation is "fluid" - there are clues in the original report that the writers aren't exactly clued up on how the show is filmed.

It may end up on air later and with a shorter run (or condensed run with more episodes per week) but I think even if it isn't till the fall there is a good chance it'll get on air, mainly as long as current social distancing rules are phased out it is something that can go into production quite quickly and CBS can get it on to air. They just need to get to a point where they can be sure that they'll get to finish the season.
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Well it seems to be conflicting stories. I'm more apt to believe the story written by industry trade publication than a fan blog (though I do read Big Blagger). I want to believe BB22 will air. But I'm not hopeful it will. Its interesting that these stories came out the same day. Big Blagger may have reached out to someone at FLY ON THE WALL (the internal production company) and the Hollywood Reporter may have reached out to someone at CBS itself. Just a guess. Clearly this story bears watching. If you all find something more updated please post it. Thanks for the Big Blagger post.
I'm here to give you something to talk about! You're Welcome.

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