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What are the new accounts?

Clever of Channel 5 to manipulate the Twitter account like that. it gives their new "reality" account 1.38m followers already. I'm surprised they didn't do some clever re-naming and swapping of accounts to make that account the main Channel 5 Twitter account and benefit from the extra reach. The main C5 Twittter account only has 157,000 followers in comparison.

Speaking of Twitter, it's unfortunate for Channel 5 that accounts with their name on Twitter are taken already -

Channel5 is a man's account but not much on there - they have had to settle for channel5_tv
Channel5UK was created 8 years ago and never used
5USA just seems to be a porn bot - they have had to settle for 5USATV
5STAR looks like its a spam bot - they have had to settle for 5Star_tv
5SPIKE is a random gentlemans account - they have had to settle for 5spiketv
5SELECT is also a random man's account - they don't have a Twitter account for the channel

Isn't there some rule on Twitter that they can grant access to a company if someone is using their name in their account? To stop people squatting on usernames hoping for financial payments from the company if they want it? If that's the case, I wonder why they haven't pursued getting control of 5USA and 5STAR at least seeing as they are bots and perhaps contacting the three gentlemen who have the others and seeing if they can work something out instead?
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Interestingly, not only has this new Big Brother Twitter account been created—which speaking objectively would be pointless unless someone was about to fill it with new content—but Rylan has encouraged folk to follow it and Emma Willis has posted on Instagram saying that she has some news to share on Thursday. Big Brother might be about to be saved... again
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Just let the show rest! They’re doing the format absolutely no favours if they bring it back this soon.


If it comes back it should have hosts or eviction shows - it should be just purely house focussed.

Anything outside of that can go online.

But yes a long break is needed.
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Also, the "official" account isn't new, it was created in 2011 and was likely a different handle altogether and just been re-used by Endemol for BB now that Channel 5 kept the old account and renamed it themselves or they were very forward thinking in getting 'BigBrotherUK' 8 years ago and then not actually using it all this time, opting for 'bbuk' instead.

Also, I think Emma is a great presenter for the show and would happily see her return. We aren't gonna get Davina back so she's the next best thing for BB. Rylan not so much.
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I believe the new Big Brother twitter was the @BBAuditions account.
I do wonder why they did not just use BBUK as it's now free. But I am liking @BigBrotherUK to be honest.