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It looks like this is really it then...

I haven’t watched much Channel 5 BB, but it’s still quite sad to see the house being demolished.

That house brought many memorable moments and I’ll miss it.

I watched BB religiously in the Channel 4 days (bar BB10, because BB9 was crap, only watched BB11 because they were making a big deal out of it being the last one), and even though the Channel 5 era is not a patch on say BB2 or BB3, it still feels strange not having BB in the schedules after 18 years.
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UTV Newsline
I've heard the house was in disrepair behind the scenes so it would have been teared down sooner or later anyway. It was only supposed to be used for around 10 years but the Channel 5 era pushed it over that length.

Don't forget BB had a different house originally and it can have a brand new one when it comes back. It has no bearing on whether BB returns.
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UTV Newsline
The "SaveBBUK" hastag, it's clearly not being saved now!

Netflix are still in talks, plus the house was in a sorry state particularly in the camera runs so it would have been demolished sooner or later. If anyone has pockets deep enough to build a new house, it’s Netflix.