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UTV Newsline
Apparently Netflix are still "in talks" with Endemol in the meantime. I just can't see it being picked up by them somehow. I can't see myself going on a binge if I missed a few episodes. I do think it should be an online only show though.
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I'm not sure a show like Big Brother could work on a service like Netflix, which is more for binge watching several episodes of of a series. Unless of course Netflix were to introducing live streaming, that could work for launch and eviction shows. A 24/7 live feed from the house would work better on YouTube (or similar) with (probably) not as much need to adhere to Ofcom regulations.
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Netfilx is $20Bn in debt,

Do they owe $20bn to a "investment" firm in jersey by any chance? Rolling Eyes

Also all I can see in the photo is the furniture taken inside and the outdoor set packed up. I am sure this is something that is done at the end of every series to protect the equipment.