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Mr Voiceover
Last summer it was the TV sensation of the year. Now, second time around BB has turned out to be a complete flop.

I watched nearly all of last summers frolics, but now it dosent get me watching. I blame a combination of the house being altered, S4C messing about with the times of broadcast (I know this dosent apply to the rest of Britain), and the contestants all get on my nerves. Bubble needs to be popped ASAP!! Elizabeth is my favourite, but I never watch it to find out what she gets up to, altough her bum seems to appear in The Sun almost daily! Wink

I think its unlikly that Big Bruv will be back next summer. Anyone else agree/disagree???

By the way how do you change the size of the font in posts?
Matt Morelli
Big Brother 2 is huge. Everyone is watching it. Over 1 million people called to get Stuart out this week. It's massive. It'll get better as more people are voted out.
Square Eyes7,251 posts since 31 Mar 2001
I don't know where you get the idea that it is a flop, it's getting C4 very good ratings, certainly better than BBC1 in that time slot. And practically e v e r y b o d y is talking about it, especially in the workplace. Now, one thing that shocked me last night was Elizabeth's boyfriend, did you see him ?
Mr Voiceover
Yes he's about 55!!! Smile

And she looks so pretty - shame really... Wink
The only reason I try to get 'interested' in Big Brother is so that I have something to watch on TV & take time out of the real world - ie. away from 24-hr news!
ryan53 posts since 31 Oct 2005
Big Brother is definately better than this year. I reckon that it will return next year, I certainly hope it does!

I watch a lot of the coverage on E4 and it can sometimes get v.boring - but most of the time it's quite good to watch!

'E4, would you please leave the Big Brother house!' - that is so funny!
Bail3,551 posts since 30 Mar 2001 Moderator
Its amazing people watch tele all day every day and what do they watch...people washing up! or sitting in a small room on a comfey looking chair.... STRANGE
Mr Voiceover
Its amazing people watch the TV Home forum every and what do they watch...people posting about sky news and bbc, while sitting in a small room on comfy chair.... EVEN STRANGER